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GoodFood Legacy


First things first - a brief introduction!

I'm not a blogger, not a chef, not a gardener, not a yoga expert, and not a compulsive health freak (that I do have an O_C_D for some things is a completely different matter)! Although these are all my areas of interest plus art, music, photography from the ages of films and SLRs, Ayurveda, natural remedies, healthy living!

My name is Matsya. I'm a mother, wife, town planner, daughter, sister, also a daughter-in-law, and a friend to many. Broadly my passions lie in my work, daughter who sometimes seems like she is my mother(!), sustainable living, doing things with my family, friends and the community. In these I also end up benefiting myself as a by-product. I believe in what goes round, comes round!

I'm a compassionate cook mainly because I'm a passionate foodie! And so, my first blog!

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